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Woodworker's Studio specializes in custom entry doors. Custom Wood Doors include: Arch Top Doors, French Doors, Standard Panel Doors, Exterior Doors, Interior Doors, and Wine Cellar Doors.

At Woodworker's Studio we handcraft your solid wood custom entry doors to exacting standards.  We are proud to offer you the highest quality at affordable prices. We have been creating custom wood entryways and wood doors for more than 20 years. Our products are works of art that will bring the beauty and warmth of solid wood to your home or business.

All products are carefully assembled, ready for installation, then crated and shipped anywhere in the US. Contact us for information about our products and how we can help you choose from our existing designs or design a door from the ground up just for you!

Many of our existing designs may be modified in a variety of ways. Almost all of our designs have been constructed as arch top doors, including half-round and elliptical. All doors can be supplied with transoms and sidelites.

Located in Steinhatchee, Florida, we ship our doors anywhere in the continental USA.

Phone: 352-498-2227   6319 SW Hwy 358   Steinhatchee, FL  32359

Custom Entry Doors

Woodworker's Studio, Hand Made Hardwood Doors, Entry Doors, Exterior Doors, Interior Doors,
Screen Doors, Wine Cellar Doors, Arch Top Doors, French Doors, Standard Panel Doors,
Garage Doors & Gates, Sikkens

We are proud to announce a monumental achievement for Woodworker's Studio. This site is the culmination of years of creative exploring of a product that is as unique as each individual board we handle. It is created with an artistic attitude and love for the ultimate natural medium that is wood, and inspired by the fact that there are still woodworkers out there making wood doors and their related products.

Constructed from rough-sawn lumber, hand-straightened and milled to thickness, each of our doors is made one at a time to produce a door that actually fits. Our doors are sanded by hand and finished with the artistic vision of an era that is no more. We work with a professional attitude and an obsession with wood, some say the most versatile natural building material there is.

Remarkably there are still craftsmen out there with traditional woodworking experience. The knowledge and patience to produce handmade custom Mahogany or Sapele doors is uncommon. We still straighten each piece of wood or board on a jointer and we only use graded solid lumber in the rough, selected for color and soundness. No mill marks are left, no knots and no mineral streaks - just clean straight grained beautiful wood. Clean, consistent, crisp woodwork is our goal every day. Every project is built one at a time. Experience dictates quality. There is no need to exaggerate the product. It speaks for itself.

Whether you need custom doors for your dream house or a commercial storefront, let's talk about your project!